Yo Mama is a Marxist

Anyone who has spent any amount of time with neocons is well aware of their extreme dependence on rumor, innuendo, and presumed guilt-by-association to help them explain their world view. If you don't know any neocons and want to find out for yourself whether they have this dependence, turn on the Fox "News" channel for about 10 minutes. For a group of people who are so strident in their claims that they judge people as individuals and not as groups, the contradiction here is self-evident. But, as we have already seen this election, being internally contradictory doesn't seem to stop them.

For instance, we've all been privy to the whispering campaigns about Obama's presumed Christo-Muslim-Atheism. Then, we learned about Obama's Native American Fascist tendencies. And, for a while now, we've been hearing all about Obama's Marxism as is found in "the kind of environment from which he came ideologically", according to Joe Lieberman. And now comes the revelation that his father wrote a paper titled (gasp) "Problems Facing Our Socialism". Stop the presses:

The article, with a loaded term in the title and a casual discussion of socialism, communism and nationalization, has raised the hackles of some anti-Obama conservatives who have been discussing it online.

Greg Ransom, a blogger who unearthed the journal at the University of California, Los Angeles, library, calls the article "the Rosebud" that provides the missing key to Obama's memoir. Ransom wrote about the article's contents recently in a posting with the provocative headline "Obama Hid His Father's Socialist and Anti-Western Convictions From His Readers."

Lest Greg Ransom claim that I'm hiding something from you, I should probably take this opportunity to divulge the Neocon-ist and Anti-Intellectual Convictions of my entire immediate family. That's right. Should I ever run for president someday, my entire family will be used to explain how I'm secretly working with Republicans to invade Iraq, bomb Iran, eliminate the Bill of Rights, and run up the national debt. And yet, I claim to be a femi-eco-tax-and-spend-nazi who's out to force you to marry gay people and kill your unborn babies! Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

It's official. This election will amount to one long "yo mama" joke.

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