Hillary to Indiana Voters: Are you as stupid as I think you are? (ps I'm not an elitist)

Hillary insults the intelligence of all Indianans by explaining that, somehow, if Congress doesn't sign on to her boondoggle gas tax holiday proposal, they're "once again" standing "with the oil companies":
To complete the embarrassment, she "once again" channels Bush; this time using the ever popular "with us or against us" phrase.

At this point, I am going to channel my patriotic angels and declare that America doesn't deserve this person as a president. But then again, I didn't think we deserved Bush either.

file under: why hell won't be so bad

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Nothing New byslag at 6:37 PM

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Gye Greene said...

Hell with have Shrub **and** Hilary. AND McCain.


Gye Greene said...

Hmm -- would've been funnier if I'd typed "will" have.


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