ABC's Debate Was Only a Symptom

How many times have we heard the statement, "This is just politics", made during some of the lowest points of this election? The people who make it act as if there is some immutable law of nature at work. That we have no control over how we're talked to/at. That we have to suffer being regularly pandered to and lied to and pushed to the sidelines as if we have no control over how these things play out. John Edwards gets a $400 haircut; Hillary Clinton was in the White House with a blue dress; Barack Obama went to a school in Indonesia. All the while, the media plays on tire swings at John McCain's "cabin" in Arizona. Is this all really necessary?

After last night's debate, I'm saying "no more!". With feedback from Kos readers, I created a petition telling the news media that we want a new kind of politics. The petition is intentionally general in scope because I, like many, saw last night's debate as a symptom rather than the entire problem. I'm tired of hearing "this is politics" as an excuse for having my intelligence and my integrity insulted on a regular basis. This is politics because we let it be politics. And we need to change that!

If you agree, please sign and help promote this petition:

Let the media know that we, the people, determine what's politics!

(sorry for the high horse...if only they didn't make me so angry!)

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Nothing New byslag at 9:48 AM

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psilocynic said...

The pendulum just hit the center point and it's on it's way back to the left. That debate is going to ruin her in PA.

Check out this video:

slag said...

psilo: No rickroll? I was almost disappointed. I thought that was a good video. But Obama stopped shorter than I would have liked. He made the issue about him. He should have said that WE need to send Washington a message that we're not happy with the way things work. This insecurity thing he has will keep him from really achieving all that he can. But he's still the best we've got.

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