CNN: The Most Trusted Name in Hate Speech

From Media Matters (via atrios):

On Glenn Beck's CNN Headline News program, Ann Coulter asked of Sen. Barack Obama: "Is Obama a Manchurian candidate to normal Americans who love their country? ... Or is he being the Manchurian candidate to the traitor wing of the Democratic Party?"


Coulter has previously referred to Obama as "B. Hussein Obama" in the past and called him "President Hussein." She has also compared Obama to Adolf Hitler, calling Obama's book, Dreams from My Father, a "dimestore Mein Kampf."
From the "Stuff I'd Pay to Find Out" file: Why is it that mainstream establishment media outlets regularly allow Republican hate speech on their networks? And shouldn't something be done about it? Is anyone else getting tired of being called a traitor? Does CNN need to denounce and reject Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck?

I guess slander and defamation are just a couple of the weapons used in the Republican culture war.

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