Pure Cable News Jackassery

I read it in the comments at Balloon Juice but had to see it for myself. On Hardball, Chris Matthews talks about Obama's relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and actually says...really actually says..."This is his Iraq...This is his Iraq."

Un-f*&@ing believable! Are you serious? Like seriously, are you serious? Raising Obama's relationship with a mildly controversial pastor to the level of Bush's waging a pre-emptive war that has claimed thousands of American lives and untold Iraqi lives and billions of dollars? Not to mention the torture, the lies about torture, and the strategic failures included therein. You can't be serious!

Chris Matthews: This is his Iraq...This is his Iraq.
I guess you're serious. Is there any better example of the problems with cable news today than Matthews' horrifically telling statement? If Chris Matthews thinks that I care as much about Obama's pastor as I do about the Iraq War, he has no sense of what the "common folk" are thinking. He needs to stop pretending to. They all do. This is outrageous, and these people need to learn what it's like out here in the real world. Where we care about real things. Like...I don't know...people dying needlessly, exacerbating a threat to our own lives, losing our civil liberties...you know, petty bourgeois stuff like that.


And have I mentioned that you should sign this f'ing petition telling the media they suck?

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Nothing New byslag at 8:51 AM

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Lan Tao said...

Iraq is the new Waterloo, except not as French-sounding.

Perhaps Matthews was using Iraq in transitive form, as in the huge albatross that is presently around Cheney's neck and will keep him from being elected?

WNG said...

Thanks for using one of my favorite words: jackassery, and using it sooooo appropriately! Already signed the petition - this is getting truly idiotic.

slag said...

lan tao: That's a very generous interpretation. I like it!

wng: Rarely has the word been more deserved. Thanks for signing! It's much needed.

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