Stuff I'd Pay to Find Out

The US press has no shortage of complaints about how people aren't supporting the news media with their dollars anymore. Well, Some of Nothing is here to help with our new series titled "Stuff I'd Pay to Find Out", the goal of which is to help out news media market researchers by telling them exactly the types of "Stuff I'd Pay to Find Out". And we'll do so in a language they can (like totally) understand:

* Word on the street is that there's been some wicked Executive Branch overreach, torturing, lying, and other stuff going on. And that there are even people trying to like stop it and whatever. Even though the George Bush presidency is all just a total bummer, I'd still pay to find out more about that stuff.

* I hear that John McCain, who is apparently some sort of candidate for something, is like wanting American taxpayers to pay for his campaign and that Barack Obama's like a total loser and whathaveyou for not. But didn't McCain break some kind of...what do you call it? (duh! I'm such an airhead!) by spending major ducats on his campaign already? Even though breaking laws is like waaaaaay boring, I'd still pay to find out more about that.

* That guy, what's-his-name-Joe-Lieberman, who luuuuuuuuvs John McCain and goes with him everywhere said this about Barack Obama: "he’s got some positions that are far to the left of me and I think mainstream America". I really luuuuuuuuv gossip (especially if it's about some extreme "positions"), so I'd be curious to find out exactly which positions Obama is into that get Joe so excited.

Looking forward to paying to find this stuff out soon!

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