Obama Passes Basic Commander-in-Chief Test

While Hillary has been busy taking her Commander-in-Chief cues from the Cold War, Obama has been reminding us what the Commander-in-Chief is actually supposed to do:

I will listen to Gen Petraeus given the experience he has accumulated over the last several years. It would be stupid of me to ignore what he has to say. But it is my job as President, it would be my job as Commander in Chief to set the mission. To make the strategic decision in light of the problems we’re having in Afghanistan, in light of the problems we’re having in Pakistan, the fact that al-Qaeda is strengthening as our national intelligence estimates have indicated and I have a whole host of tasks and I have to worry about the military has no strategic reserve right now…
It would be super swell if someone would be kind enough to keep repeating Obama's observation to every single member of the establishment press and the current Commander-in-Chief who keep implying that it's the military who is actually in charge here. Last I checked, the US wasn't a military dictatorship. I wish more people who love America so very much would remember that fact.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post. I couldn't agree more.

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