There is No Spin

Obama takes North Carolina without even blinking; despite all previous predictions, Indiana is still too close to call. In my ideal world, some video genius will stitch together clips of every single TV pundit (particularly those of the invariably imbecilic Joe Scarborough) claiming that Clinton's gas tax pander is the way to get votes. I want to play it over and over and over and over again. Suck on that, you elitist jerks!

If Obama can prove--once and for all--that one can become president of this country without devolving into a vacuous, pandering poli-drone, we need to put his head on some currency day one.

UPDATE: I don't know what to say....I actually agree with Tim Russert. My head hurts.

UPDATE 2: Jon Stewart is a genius:

UPDATE 3: Now that nobody cares, Hillary has probably squeaked by in Indiana...I'm too uninterested to find a link.

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