Time to End the Suspense*

In Friday's Other People's Genius, I indicated that I was struggling to make a decision. It was a choice between good and evil. Between wholesome and corrupt. Between respectable and sleazy.

In the end, I'm pleased to announce that I forsook the low road in favor of the high. That I dispelled the insatiable demon of desire for obscene self-indulgence. That the degenerates and the lunatics failed to lure me into their warped and perverted universe.

That's right. This weekend, we decided to see the comic book movie Iron Man instead of the comically absurd anti-evolution flick Expelled. And it was awesome! I've rarely seen the Mr.'s inner geek lit up with such childlike joy. Tony Stark, brilliant scientist, is the newest, bestest hero ever! The guy turned himself into a superhero using only his brain, for crying out loud. Of course, the science in Iron Man was fictional. But at least it was believable (unlike "intelligent" design)!

*=Hey, if the establishment media can drag out a presidential primary for over a month past its expiration date, I can drag out a movie review for a couple of short paragraphs.

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Nothing New byslag at 7:32 AM

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WNG said...

That's really all I had to say.

WNG said...

FYI - I stole one of your Obama pictures for my post today.

Where've you been???

Gye Greene said...


When you and 4-T finally visit me in Brisbane: I collected Iron Man for three (four? five?) years, in the mid-to-late '80s. Good stuff. Y'all can read 'em.


WNG said...

No that's ok, Gye, I don't want to see them...sniffle...it's fine...sniffle...

slag said...

wng: I liked it too. And glad you found one of my designs useful! That's what they're here for. I'll have to check it out.

I've been doing all kinds of craziness. Sometimes, it's easy to forget that people read this thing, so sometimes, the blog gets a bit neglected.

GG: You should scan some images and post them, if you get a chance. WNG and I would love to check em out! Esp since Australia keeps getting farther away from us (for a variety of reasons).

Gye Greene said...

WNG -- sorry: Yes, you can see them, too. :)

Slag: Reply off-list re: why Brisbane is farther away? (Continental drift?)

Re: Iron Man comics -- not sure I understand what you're asking. Probably mostly the same results as as Google-imaging "Iron Man".


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