Obama's Secret Weapon

Remember back when the Democratic candidates would talk about foreign policy? Those were the days.

Phone banking this weekend, I encountered an undecided gentleman in North Carolina who said that Obama needed to stop kvetching (my word, not his) about gas taxes and start kvetching about kids dying in Iraq. I reminded him that Obama was the only one of the candidates who opposed this war from the start, and he said that he wanted him to emphasize that more. If I had had my wits about me--and if I thought the guy actually wanted to discuss the issue--I would have suggested that not only do we need to bring kids home from this war but we need to keep them from heading into new wars. Instead of talking about how we would "obliterate" Iran, we need to keep talking about how we would prevent the need to obliterate Iran. In my mind (and possibly in the mind of the gentleman from NC), the ability to actually take war seriously is one of Obama's major strengths. I wish he'd use it more.

Cuz, apparently, there are still kids dying in Iraq. Shhhh...don't tell anyone.

UPDATE: Sam Seder was able to brilliantly turn the idiotic discussion about the "War on Xmas" (back in the day) into a discussion about the war in Iraq:
Making connections and defining the issues is clearly where it's at. For instance, we know this whole gas tax debate is all about Washington politics and, deep down, we know that political posturing is how we got into this war in the first place. It seems like there's some room to maneuver this conversation in a direction we want it to go in.

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Gye Greene said...

Actually -- that North Carolina guy had a really, really good point.

It's not just "Me! Me! **I** was talking about it first!!!" It's "What are you doing about it NOW???"


slag said...

GG: I feel that.

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