John McCain Loves America's Lawyers (for now)

John McCain is none too happy with this ad from the DNC:

Apparently, using his own words against him is not one of McCain's American values. Luckily, however, John McCain does find some value in this country in the form of its legal system:

The RNC is ginning up the threat of legal action to give weight to their criticism of the ad's content. [RNC lawyer Sean] Cairncross would not say whether the party will sue CNN or MSNBC, the two cable networks airing the ad, if they refuse to kill it.

The RNC's content charge is not black and white. The DNC wrote the ad carefully. Nowhere does the narrator or any chyron state that McCain is fine with the Iraqi war persisting for 100 years. The visuals -- explosions, bloodied troops -- take care of that association.
Wait a second! I thought Democrats were the only ones who liked to sue people. And wait a second! I thought the war was a winning issue for McCain.

So, lawyers are generally bad except when John McCain needs them to prevent the airing of a commercial that shows McCain--himself--talking about his position on an issue that he thinks he can win on. No wonder we can't discuss any meaningful issues this election. These little things are all so confusing.

And of course, the press gives McCain a helping hand here:

The AP article lede reads:

"The Republican National Committee demanded Monday that television networks stop running a television ad by the Democratic Party that falsely suggests John McCain wants a 100-year war in Iraq."

So, as you can see, the AP begins by stating as fact the McCain camp's claim that the ad is false. Then it actually directly misstates what the ad says.

In other words: what atrios said.

PS Wasn't the reason that John McCain opposed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act because it would give those crafty trial lawyers more business? I guess fair pay for everyone isn't nearly as important as John McCain winning the presidency. Who knew?

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