Bill O'Reilly: What's with My MF'in Teleprompter?

Bill O'Reilly once again stands up for decency and civility by exhibiting conscientious self-restraint in the face of extreme adversity in this NSFW video. Part deux in the Sonofabitch Warrior series.

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Nothing New byslag at 2:30 PM

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WNG said...

I really, REALLY, needed that laugh this morning, thanks!

Oh - it's possible that I stole more art from you for today's post...

slag said...

WNG: Wow! I saw on your latest post that you really did need a laugh. You were kinder than I would have been. I tend toward sarcasm when people so willingly reveal their ignorance. Your way is probably more productive.

Keep stealin'!!! (and it's not stealing when I put it up for you to take :)

WNG said...

Yeah, but this way I get to feel like a super cyber ninja breaking into your blog in the dead of night to steal your priceless artwork

OoooK - no more coffee for me ;)

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