Stuff from Last Night's Primary Coverage that I Need to Make Fun of

1. It's a travesty of justice that a boorish Neanderthal (or troglodyte homunculus, if you prefer) such as Joe Scarborough is in any position to affect public opinion in this country.
2. Apparently, it's going to take more than female and black male presidential candidates to get racists and sexists off the teevee (I'm looking at you, Pat Buchanan).
3. Chris Matthews thought Michelle Bernard was "left of center". I've heard this woman talk maybe three times ever (thanks to Rachel Maddow for forcing her on me) and knew instantly she was a right wing shill. She calls herself "right of center". The "liberal media" has no idea what the word liberal means.
4. Howard Fineman needs to either get a new hair dye or go au naturale. Or someone needs to stop spilling pots of coffee on his head before every teevee appearance.
5. Watching the pundits complain about the complexities of the Democratic nominating process while having no problems with their own elaborate dissections of voting demographics is hilarious. Working, white, undereducated voters have become working, white, undereducated, Appalachian voters. Their next logical step is to complain that Obama's problem demographic in this race has been working, white, undereducated, Appalachian voters named "Ted". My neighborhood video store has a better categorization method than these people. Want to browse movies about Christian Hermaphrodite Skater Teens with Eating Disorders anyone?
6. The pundits dismiss Obama's big win in Oregon because it's a far left state right after they claim that McCain wants to turn Oregon red. Do they even listen to themselves talk?
7. No one corrects a Hillary supporter's claim that Hillary has won the popular vote. What do these people do for a living again?
8. Still, the only person that counts in end of this race is the white man. It's amazing how many different contretemps end in that conclusion.

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