Things I Didn't Know Until I Went to John McCain's Website

JedReport has posted some excellent rebuttals of Little Green Fanatics' claims of anti-semitism on Obama's website.

In that spirit, I would like to share some things that I have learned by spending a little time on John McCain's website today.

1. Hillary Clinton is chanting "si si [sic] pueda", which actually means "I want the keys, I want the keys...", which is the "same thing" that Barack Obama is chanting in South Carolina. (This must be some kinda Eastern thing that I just don't understand.):

2. Apparently, both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are "b-tch" lawyers, a fact which clearly means that John McCain will win:

3. Aunt Jemimah is Obama's aunt, and he puts her syrup on his waffles:
4. By calling someone out for playing the race card, you are actually the one playing the race card...Just like Reverend Wright:

5. If we elect a woman or an "AA", we are going to open up a "whole can of worms with problems":

6. I, and other Obamabots, eat "Oreo" cookies and drink KoolAid:

Plus, Hillary kills people:

Posted at 8:44PM on 1/18/08 by JBStephens
Anybody who has Hillary as a VP needs to be very, very careful. If I were an insurance salesman, I would not sell that person a life insurance policy, if you know what I mean!
may make us kill ourselves:
Posted at 3:30AM on 9/15/07 by BradMarston
If we are not careful, MITT happens. If we are suicidal Hillary happens.
and is a she-devil:
Posted at 10:31PM on 2/2/08 by SouthernSpirit
HELLO DAVE, Senator McCain is an honorable and forgiving man. I admire him and respect him. However, I’m a mere mortal who would like nothing better than to “Taz” the “she-devil” off her pedestal. Tomorrow – NY
In the end, the most important lesson I've learned from spending time on McCain's website is that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

UPDATE: More fun on this topic from Americablog and Comments from Left Field. Apparently, the racist, misogynist, anti-semitic waters run deep in McCain country.

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4 dispense karmic justice! (or just comment here):

psilocynic said...

You know, I do eat Oreos and drink Koolaid.

slag said...

psilo: Why didn't you tell me? You would have saved me from having to spend all that time John McCain's website.

Also, I must discourage the Oreo consumption. Nabisco is evil. Go Newman Os, if you can.

And man, that giant smiling pitcher on the Koolaid commercials always gave me the creeps. He and Ronald McDonald are the stuff of nightmares.

WNG said...

Oh good lord. Some people are such idiots I can't even muster the energy to laugh. Do they know they're pointless?

slag said...

wng: I'm the real idiot here...after all this time supporting Obama, I still didn't know any of this stuff. Coming back from John McCain's website, I felt like Gulliver must have felt after visiting Lilliput. It's a big, wide world out there, my friend.

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