Obama's Geek Appeal Redux

Back in March, I wrote a post about technology geeks going for Obama. At that time, I highlighted Marc Andreesen, Lawrence Lessig, and the geeks at Tech Crunch as examples of Obama's geek appeal. Now, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is hitting the campaign trail for Obama:

Mr. Schmidt said his planned endorsement of the Illinois senator is a "natural evolution" from his role as an informal adviser to the Obama campaign.

The Google chief plans to join executives from other technology companies to announce their support for Sen. Obama. Sunday, Sen. Obama received an endorsement from Colin Powell, who was President George W. Bush's first secretary of state.
Given the new Republican rules regarding endorsements of Barack Obama, it's time for Eric Schmidt to come out of the closet and let us know that he's secretly black.

Truth be told, this post was just an excuse to bring back this video (because it makes me laugh every time):

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