Sharing is Caring: John McCain, Keating 5 Edition

Registering voters on Friday night, MFP and I were a little surprised to find that, for some voters, Obama's middle name continues to be an election issue. Economic justice, social justice, and war were apparently no big deterrent when it came to electing Johnny McSame. Nope. These voters had fixated on the far more pressing and serious issue of middle names, and they weren't going to be tricked into voting on any of those other frivolously namby pamby concerns. While I tried to convince them that Obama's middle name was actually the best part about him and that I, for one, was tired of electing guys with boring names like George, John, and Richard and always getting the same results, it was hard to tell if they were buying it. So, for the sake of all you tribalist voters out there, I am sharing this heartwarming look into the public/private life of your friend, John McCain:
UPDATED with complete version of video.

(video courtesy of the Obama campaign)

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the political behavior of your Safe Old White Man President.

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