McCain's Weakness

I mentioned earlier this week that I appreciated the fact that Obama was running an ad hinting that McCain's recent fear and smear campaign tactics were coming from a place of weakness. The weakness issue is closely related to something I got excited about back in May when I wanted to see Obama call McBush out for being "afraid" to engage in diplomacy.  And here (via The JedReport), Obama is calling McCain's campaign out directly as being "sad" and a result of panic:

I still see this strategy of showing off his opponent as weak and fearful as being Obama's most direct path to victory this election.

I also still see it as a way for Democrats to truly get the upper hand on national security as well (no more of this "let's make Georgia part of NATO" rubbish).  It's always been my impression that the reason Americans follow Republicans on national security issues isn't that Republicans are necessarily right about or better at those issues (clearly).  It's that Republicans tend to be swaggering blowhards who puff themselves up by sounding completely sure of themselves even when they're catastrophically wrong.  And Americans usually don't know jack about foreign affairs so they'll buy whatever is sold to them as long as the packaging sells it well (this is harder for Republicans to do on domestic issues because Americans have more direct knowledge of those issues).  In other words, it's time for Obama to be uppity presumptuous and arrogant on foreign affairs again.

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A.F. said...

Great post! I think it's a brilliant idea for Obama to call them weak, frightened, effete, naively cautious, cowardly, whining, elitist, easily intimidated, easily manipulated, slow to the draw, and faulty in their aim. Especially that: "If this were target practice, forget the target. These folks would have shot up all the walls. I wouldn't even want to be in the building..." something like that, every day, until election :)

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