Cheez-It Dust

Sitting in the jury assembly room, my feet are cold, my internet connection is slow (as in slooooooooowwwwww), and my keyboard is covered in Cheez-It dust from what was my $0.85 1.5-ounce breakfast.

It's going to be a long day.

Also, FYI-I ran into a security guard named Al on my way in this AM, and he dug my Obama shirt. We exchanged high-fives, and I asked him if the Elections Office was still in this building so I might pick up some voter registration forms. I want to try to score some new voters over the 1.5-hr lunch break. He said no, but he kindly took me to the law library in the hopes of getting some there. No dice. He said he'd look for some for me and bring them to me if he found some. Nice guy--I gave him an Obama shirt of his very own. But sadly, no registration forms around. Note to self: Bring the stash everywhere.

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Nothing New byslag at 10:47 AM

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! Stick it to the man AND serve your civic duty!

That's what I call some serious Karmic Justice dispensation!!!!

Gye Greene said...

You jury fore-person yet?

I envision you with Batman-like pouches of Slag swag upon your personage.


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