Spotted! Some of Nothing Obama Tees...

in a store window. Truth be told, these shirts have been there for a while. But my neighbor who saw them told me to take a picture because "they won't be in the window forever". Which reminded me that I sometimes forget to take notice of my little accomplishments (okay, I always forget to take notice). I wore Hope Kicks Fear's Ass while MFP and I were registering voters yesterday. It's still my favorite though it surprises me that it regularly generates a lot of nods and laughs.

Strangely, before I started Some of Nothing, I was never a big slogan wearer. Plain t-shirts; plain jeans; no frills. Appearances are not a major focus for me. Many moons ago, I happened to buy a hoodie with a simple little bird on it just to keep me warm on that chilly day. But since then, the fact that the hoodie tends to elicit positive comments when I wear it actually sometimes prevents me from putting it on. When I do, I find myself wanting to ask people what their fascination is with this stupid bird. But then, I figure that maybe people who wear clothes with stuff on them are probably asking for comments, and I restrain myself. This is only to say that all this outward display of attitude/ideology is fairly new to me. Still getting used to it.

That said, I figure if I'm going to do this thing, I'm going to do it. So, today, I'm officializing my heretofore unspoken decision to wear an Obama shirt every day until the election. This decision has nothing to do with an inordinate obsession with Barack Obama and everything to do with the realization that I can't stand the thought of another GOP presidency. And I know that if I don't put all of my resources into making a change now, I'm going to be kicking myself in November if it doesn't happen. No more sitting on the sidelines, fingers crossed. Time to get in the game and get it won. We've got a lot of work to do, and the place to start is by making a commitment. Even if it means getting out of the comfort zone...far out.

A t-shirt isn't much. But it's something. An advertisement and a reminder of where my priorities are. And it's been my observation that a t-shirt can generate some level of excitement and recognition. Even if it's only for a second, I figure that counts. So, between that and using t-shirt sales to pay for at least some of our Obama campaign donations, GOTVing, and doing what little phonebanking I can force myself into, it seems I can be marginally useful. Plus, I often drag MFP along for the ride, which makes him useful too. If you're not being useful yet, please allow me to make a suggestion (and don't forget to drag your MFP along for the ride as well).

Go team!

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Nothing New byslag at 9:28 PM

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Gye Greene said...

OK -- a scan of the little birdie?

Pretty nifty having your wares displayed in the window!


slag said...

No scan. It really is just a bird. No big.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. I'm also wearing an Obama shirt everyday.

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