Obama Educates

When was the last time McCain gave a policy speech that wasn't lifted from Wikipedia?

I actually agree with Big Think Tank Matt on his take on one part of the speech in which Obama suggests that we need to build a better education system in order to compete with other countries around the world:

If the population of India were to magically become much better educated next week (only 61 percent of Indians are literate) that would be good for the United States. It would be an even bigger deal for India, but everyone benefits from living in a better-educated, more productive world.
My perspective on education is mostly based in experience rather than in study. I know that I'm better off when the people around me are better educated. I, personally, learn more when the people around me have a better education than I have. But it's important to point out that more isn't always better. The smartest people I know have little to no higher education. Instead, somewhere along the way, they had developed an amazing level of intellectual curiosity and the wherewithal required to satisfy that curiosity. Nonetheless, even those people can often point to one or more teachers who helped engender that essential level of curiosity and wherewithal.

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