It's Time to Get Serious

I'm so f'ing sick and tired of hearing the incessant Republican yak-yak about how serious and grown up Republicans are at the very same time they offer absolutely nothing (NO-THING!) by way of solutions to our country's profoundly critical problems. I know this is very "humorless liberal" of me, but when the newest, Bushiest members of the Bush Party try to lecture any Democrat on the notions of responsibility and reform, I find myself anxious to squash them like the pompous little pissants they are. Play time is over, kids. It's time to put the Republican Party down for its nap. And time for the real grownups to clean up the mess...again.

PS If I hear one more talking head claim--after observing this utterly empty shell of a convention--that Obama lacks substance, I'm going to have to dispense some serious karmic justice on his ass.

PSS Dear Republicans, If you want to be taken seriously after all this, you may also want to stop explaining how "this election is not about issues". Really. It makes you look even more ridiculous. If that's at all possible.

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