It Does Sound Familiar

Some people keep comparing Palin to Cheney. She does have that element of secrecy and assholishness that smells very Dick-like. But she's more of a believer than Dick is, which in my mind represents the scariest element of Bush. She seems to know she's right. Luckily for her (and Bush), Americans have tended to go for this quality in a President, which is one reason why we've gone wrong over the last eight years.

Until now, Obama and McCain haven't strayed too far from a certain level of intellectual honesty (however, I'm inclined to see Obama as being more intellectually honest). They've both been able to admit being wrong from time to time. What McCain has proven with his VP pick is that any claim to intellectual honesty he may have had has completely gone out the window. And once again, that seems to be what the American people want. Apparently, we want a campaigner, not a leader. A panderer, not a diplomat. In my mind, that's what the success of Hillary Clinton's Hail Mary campaigning at the end of the primaries seemed to show. Luckily, it was too late by then for Democrats to prove her right. Hopefully, at this point, Obama's political savoir faire will actually save him in spite of himself. Or...more accurately...hopefully, it will save US in spite of ourselves.

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