When Hyperbole Isn't Enough

Back in April, I mocked Republicans' ridiculous reliance on "symbolic issues" by saying this:

First, did you know Jeremiah Wright is an anagram for "harm rightie jew"? Why has Obama been keeping this anagram of his pastor's name from the American people? Exactly what is he hiding? Whether or not this means Obama is out to destroy Israel is still not entirely clear. But the sequence of these letters certainly raises questions. It's about time that our liberal media starts asking about these sorts of symbolic issues...
But, once again, we find that sometimes hyperbole--no matter how absurd--doesn't do justice to reality (h/t Political Irony):
Obama/Biden + Osama Bin Laden + Coincidence? = Stay classy Faux News.
Was Charlie wrong? Is everyone actually stupid in an election year?

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Vinod_Sharma said...

Is the coincidence meaningless or significant? Remember The Celestine Prophecy? Intrigued? Read this post.

slag said...

vinod_sharma's comment indicates that Charlie is, in fact, wrong and that people are actually stupid in an election year.

John McCain - John McSame - Coincidence?

(Film at eleven!)

dgm said...

That image is a sad fake.

See the composite of the REAL image, and the one you’re showing, here: http://www.davidmays.com/blog/?postid=30

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