Joe Lieberman: Just One Reason I Don't Donate to the DNC

It's a common complaint that, once elections are over, the Democratic base fails to keep up the momentum in support of our party. I thought about this problem when I received David Plouffe's email asking me to donate to the DNC. So, I decided I would definitely pony up some cash if I approved of how the party handled the Lieberman situation. Having donated to Ned Lamont's campaign against Lieberman in the past, I'm strangely not interested in seeing any of my ducats used to benefit Lieberman in the present.

Today, I got to delete Plouffe's email and keep my money.

Does anyone not understand why Democrats regularly receive such tepid support when, within two weeks of putting so much of our time and effort into electing a Democrat, he's already telling liberals to go f%*# themselves?

Pulling a Cheney is definitely not change I can believe in.

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