Meh Christmas

If I had to identify one tension underlying the relationship between MFP and myself, it would be that he enjoys having lots of stuff and I enjoy not having lots of stuff. The good news about this tension is that, most of the time, I get my way. Neither one of us goes out of our way to go shopping, so by default, we have less stuff. But as you can probably guess, holidays--especially holidays that involve gift-giving--have a tendency to bring out MFP's inner Santa and my inner Scrooge. Which makes for some interesting negotiations around this time of the year.

Me: Guess what Santa left us!
MFP: What?
Me (showing him a pair of worn men's white socks): I found these on the floor of the living room this morning.
MFP: Oh. Those aren't gifts from Santa. Those are what we hang up for Santa to leave gifts in.
Me: Hmmm...they're kind of small to fit much stuff into...Works for me! I'll go hang these by the chimney with care.
MFP: You win...I have a confession...

On an average day, I tend to object to having dirty socks strewn about the house. But I would have been more than happy to have a pair of them dangling by the fireplace for the rest of the month as long as it meant having to get and give less stuff this holiday. Time for Santa to retool.

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Gye Greene said...

Ah. This sheds light on the whole "eee" thing. :)


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