Minimalist Maximus

Well, the minimalist holiday was a smashing success. MFP and I spent an inordinate amount of time playing board games, reading books, hanging out with friends we hadn't seen in forever, and taking long walks through various inches of snow. But a lot has been going on in the world, so catching up with the news today is no easy task. For instance, while MFP and I were busy practicing our downward-facing dog yoga positions last week, the Middle East was apparently once again melting down. While we were spontaneously scoring deep-tissue massages at a local spa, Joe Biden was discussing ways to revive the anemic middle-class. And while MFP and I were exchanging our gifts of wool socks, the retail industry was totally tanking. Not to mention the fact that I have absolutely no idea what I've been doing while the Arctic sea ice has been melting (probably sitting in front of the fireplace because I love irony).

Micro to macro in one day...not recommended.

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