Mustache of Justice FTW!

Apparently, the Democrats are intent on making me like them again:

This is big, big, big. In a victory for the Democratic left, Rep. Henry Waxman has just successfully ousted Rep. John Dingell from his longtime perch as head of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office confirms to us the vote count in the Democratic Caucus moments ago: Waxman 137 votes, Dingell 122 votes.

The defeat of Dingell is a major victory for environmentalists, removing a key obstacle to real energy reform just as a Democrat with climate change high on his agenda takes the Presidency.
This change is further proof that Democrats are actually quite serious about their green energy initiatives. They're actually deciding to get stuff done (good stuff, too--not the kind of stuff Bush got done)! Almost as if they have a plan (gasp!) or something. No, I still don't believe it. This must be a dream...

UPDATE: I don't usually promote products that I didn't create, but this one is too perfect to pass up. The apex of Waxmania.

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Gye Greene said...

The M of J would be a good band name...


Word verif = "plcater" -- almost "placater"

slag said...

GG: Now that you mention it..."Apex of Waxmania" could be a good one too.

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