My New Gmail Theme:


Of all the themes I could have chosen...I've just realized that I'm a very dull person.

(image from danielleking)

Nothing New byslag at 10:22 PM

3 dispense karmic justice! (or just comment here):

Gye Greene said...

Hm! That's fairly Mac-User.

Curious: I myself just changed my gmail theme on Friday... (Nov. 21).


slag said...

GG: Not sure what that means.

Are you not going to tell us which theme you've chosen? If I had to guess, I'd say it was the green one.

Gye Greene said...

Mac-user: Reminds me of the default theme for Macs ("brushed steel"). Not 100% -- just reminiscent.

My gmail theme: Yep; green. Good call.


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