Dear Democrats, With All Due Respect, STFU

After two days of trying to be nice, I have simply gone over the edge after reading this LGM post:

The only way I can watch the Democratic Conventions without freaking out is to repeat over and over again that I'm not the target audience for this and someone somewhere surely knows what they're doing. I guess this "ordinary people as political props" thing must actually work, but I find it really annoying myself.

One thought: everyone's talking way too much about energy policy. It's too defensive. Instead, hammer away at pocketbook issues here you have an edge.
After having listened to Democrats whining about the convention for the last 48 hours, I'm officially pissed off. You don't like the fact that every sentence uttered at the event isn't a condemnation of McCain? Too bad. Finding yourself bored/listless/dissatisfied? Change the damn channel. This isn't policy. This is politics. The more you complain, the more excuse you give the Republic of Media to complain. And they don't need any more excuse. So, suck it up, sleep it off, and get in line. If there's a time for a Democratic presidential election love-fest, this is it. Is it too much to ask that for one week, if you don't have anything nice to say, you don't say anything at all?

For cryin' out loud.

PS This post isn't meant to pick on LGM, which is normally a decent blog. But there are so very many things wrong with this particular post that I couldn't contain myself.

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