McCain Follows the Leader

In trying to cling to Obama's Change coattails, McCain picks female Sarah Palin to be the second female Vice Presidential nominee of a major party. Whereas people complained about the fact that Obama's choice of Joe Biden as VP didn't result in a bounce in the polls, most understood the pick to be a governing choice and not necessarily a politically expedient one. In the case of Sarah Palin, John McCain is proving himself to be overtly political. After all of this "Obama is dangerously unprepared" to lead talk, McCain chooses a VP with "No issue stance yet recorded by" on foreign policy (for the record, here's Obama's Issues page). McCain has just intentionally undermined the entire supposed rationale for his campaign. Because he realized it was a political loser. In the way that Democrats often complain of Democratic candidates trying to be "Republican light", McCain has just shown himself to be Democrat light. Which only demonstrates who the real leader is in this election.

Also, you'd think the McCain could have found at least one Republican who's not involved in an abuse of power scandal.

Embarassing. And unapologetically trivializing the importance of leadership. How very Bush-like.

UPDATE: Howard Wolfson kindly reminds us why we didn't choose Hillary as the nominee (because she surrounded herself with buffoonish asshats like Howard Wolfson).

UPDATE 2: More about the newest rider of the Straight Talk Express from TPM:

As mentioned earlier, Gov. Palin is embroiled in her own trooper-gate scandal up in Alaska. In short, she's accused of using her pull as governor to get her ex-brother-in-law fired as a state trooper. The brother-in-law is embroiled in an ugly divorce and custody with Palin's sister. And after his boss wouldn't fire the brother-in-law, she fired the boss. Palin originally insisted there was nothing to the story. More recently, she was forced to admit the one of her top deputies had pushed to get the guy fired.
Cronyism in a Republican administration? How Mavericky!

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