Obama's 'Lives of Quiet Desperation' Speech

Excerpt from Obama's Gustav speech to union workers in Milwaukee (via JNS at Swampland):

All across America there are quiet storms taking place. There are lives of quiet desperation. People who need just a little bit of help. Now, Americans are a self-reliant people, we’re an independent people. We don’t like asking somebody else to do what we can do ourselves but you know what we understand is that every once in a while somebody’s going to get knocked down. Every once in a while somebody’s going to go through some hard times. When we least expect it tragedy may strike. And what has always made this country great is the understanding that we rise and fall as one nation, that values and family, community and neighborhood, they have to express themselves in our government. Those are national values. Those are values that we all subscribe to. And so that the spirit that we extend today and in the days to come as we monitor what happens on the Gulf that’s the spirit that we’ve got to carry with us each and every day. That’s the spirit that we need in our own homes and it’s the spirit that we need in the White House. And that’s why I’m running for president of the United States of America.

Because if there’s a poor child out there, that’s my child. If there’s a senior that’s having trouble, that’s my grandparent. If there’s a guy who’s lost his job, that’s my brother. If there’s a woman out there without healthcare, that’s my sister. Those are the values that built this country. Those are the values we are fighting for.
Lately, Obama's been making the case for liberalism in America like no one else can. Is it any wonder that, during his speech in Denver, the crowd expressed their national pride with "USA" chants and flag-waving? Liberals don't get turned on by expressions of American hegemony and exceptionalism like neocons do. We get turned on by expressions of American opportunity and equality. That's because we're elitists.

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Gye Greene said...

"We get turned on by expressions of American opportunity and equality. That's because we're elitists."

The punchline made me laugh -- but I can't specify why. :)


slag said...

Irony, my friend. Irony.

Gye Greene said...

Doncha think? :)



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