This Ad Makes Me Want to Donate to Barack Obama

It's no secret that, since the conventions, McCain has been running a typical fear and smear campaign. But what I like about this ad, in particular, is that it indicates WHY McCain has been running that kind of campaign. It illustrates that McCain's lying is coming from a place of weakness. It's a last refuge. Obama has him on the run and dirty campaigning is one of McCain's only ways out. Now, in order to win, Obama needs to close that door for him as well.

I've been around Republicans enough to know that, in spite of all their claims to "values voting", they don't give one whit about values. If they think they're winning on values, they'll take it. Otherwise, they'll take vice and turn it into a Vice President if they think it will get them a win. And winning is an American pass-time. I'm guessing that's why, to me, this Obama ad ends up being more about McCain's weakness than it is about his honor (or lack thereof). Nonetheless, it's a two-fold score for the Obama camp in that it highlights McCain's negatives and once again generates confidence in Obama's approach to this election. Which makes me want to give him money.

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Gye Greene said...

Maybe "winning at all costs" **is** the Republican value...?


slag said...

GG: True enough, but sadly, those aren't the values that they run on. At least not outwardly.

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