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Post-debate clarity
McCain: Cranky old dude; clearly antagonistic; mildly pathetic
Obama: Quick young upstart; largely unflappable; profoundly earnest

Bizarrely, I'm in agreement with the majority of undecided voters:

Thirty-nine percent of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought Barack Obama was the winner. Twenty-five percent thought John McCain won. Thirty-six percent saw it as a draw.
I think the main reason Obama did better was that voters who haven't been paying close attention until now were probably surprised to see how smart and competent he actually is.  Sans teleprompter and even on McCain's turf, Obama held his own and then some.  To people who bought into the whole "empty suit" narrative, this debate was probably a bit of a wake-up call.  Nonetheless, the Republican hissy fit machine is already revving up, so I'm sure undecideds will be talked back into their ambivalence soonly.  No reason we can't enjoy the short moment of relative optimism though.

UPDATE: (from 538)
McCain’s essential problem is that his fundamental strength – his experience -- is specifically not viewed by voters as carrying over to the economy. And the economy is pretty much all that voters care about these days.

EDIT: The CBS poll of undecideds has more confirmatory detail. Obama went from a +18 on "understanding your needs and problems" before the debate to a +56 (!) afterward. And he went from a -9 on "prepared to be president" to a +21.
Totally makes sense to me.

UPDATE 2: Andrew Sullivan's picture says it all.

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