Like, Such As (#2): Healthcare?

Seriously...what can you say to something like this:


See also: Like, Such As (#1): Energy Independence, Possibly War, Not Quite Sure?

UPDATE: Just to be clear, the fact that this particular Palin humiliation is labeled #2 is in no way intended to imply that she's only had two utterly humiliating incidents recently. It simply indicates that this is the second one that has made me laugh myself to tears so far. The many other incidents have resulted only in a mere eye-rolling and head-shaking and have not necessarily risen to the level of a Like, Such As moment, in my opinion.

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Mike said...

Greetings - just wanted to let you know that you have a great blog.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work you put into the blog and to keep up the great work. :)

Mike said...

Argh.. that was a poorly written comment. Sorry haha - I edited it midway through writing it and forgot to change up some of the wording. My bad. :D

Gye Greene said...

Wow! That was so bad, you'd think that someone had maliciously edited it to make it sound incomprehensible...!!!


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