Elect Obama!

To our military heroes:
You wanna trust your life
with someone who don't know
the difference between Sunni and Shiite?
So let's get someone who acts
based on facts.
One of the most inspiring aspects of much of the pro-Obama art and music I'm seeing is how refreshingly nuanced and upbeat it tends to be. Instead of noisy screeds raging against fascism or "the man" or whatever, I'm seeing fairly cogent, well-developed arguments in conjunction with some quality artistry. In contrast with Eminem's pure anti-Bush anthem from 2004, this Big Hit Buda video combines a small bit of anti-McCain rhetoric with quite a lot of pro-Obama rhetoric.Obviously, this is the result of having someone to vote for rather than just having someone to vote against. And social concern tinged with real hope can be a beautiful thing.

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