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Post-debate clarity
John McCain: Almost normal
Barack Obama: Almost presidential

In all, I would say the clear winners of this debate were Tom Brokaw and the people asking the questions. After this week's descent into absurdity, my expectations for this debate were pretty low. So, the fact that the questions stayed on target, focusing on the real (albeit repetitive) issues, was a major plus. John McCain's antics were limited to: trying to invent his own reality, pacing around the stage at inappropriate times, referring to Obama as "that one", and blithely dismissing the challenges of dealing with nuclear waste. So, in that sense, I was kind of proud of him. I liked how Obama talked about the "opportunity" of developing alternative energy, stood his ground when McCain tried to dismiss him, and was eager to call McCain out on his multitude of sins (the straight talk express lost a wheel). Obviously, I think Obama's vision is better for the country, so I think he won. But McCain didn't do anything new to make me dislike him more, which is no small feat for him. In the end, I was just happy to see a more substantive, less antagonistic exchange between everybody.



Forty percent of the 516 uncommitted voters surveyed identified Barack Obama as tonight's winner; 26 percent said John McCain won, while 34 percent saw the debate as a draw.
It appears I must start reconciling myself to the fact that my thoughts and opinions are suddenly with the majority. Either that or I'm going to have to re-think. Dilemma.

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