The Motor Scooter Menace

I've noticed a healthy increase in the number of motor scooters roaming the streets these days. Unfortunately, that may not necessarily be good news:

“The cleanest scooter is still dirtier than a car," said John Swanton, air pollution specialist with the California Air Resources Board.
. . .
Some motorcycles emit as much hydrocarbon in 10 miles as a car driven 850 miles, according to Environmental Protection Agency studies.

Car engines use much more fuel and create more pollution than motorcycle engines, but sophisticated emission-control devices prevent much of a car's emissions from getting into the air, said Wayne Elson, environmental protection specialist with the EPA's Seattle office.

When it comes to reducing fuel consumption and improving global climate conditions, a motorcycle or scooter is still the better choice, Swanton said.

But when it comes to reducing smog and improving local air quality, "the Hummer is better than a small scooter because it has more sophisticated emission controls," he said. "Its emissions are pretty low relative to a motorcycle."
Honestly, I have no end of disdain for Hummer drivers, the reasons for which go beyond local air quality concerns. Nonetheless, it appears that I'm now going to have to direct some of that ire toward motor scooter drivers as well. does a body good.

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