Greed and Recklessness are Uniquely American

Andrew Sullivan writes:

Much if this crisis stems from rank greed and irresponsibility from ordinary Americans on a massive scale, who bought homes they couldn't afford on credit they couldn't repay, or who leveraged their property with loans they had no reason to take out.[...]And the real, long term fix requires weaning Americans off credit - and giving enough of them a taste of what their greed and recklessness can do.
Digby writes:
I've been writing quite a bit about the building rightwing "explanation" for the economic crisis: the blacks and the Mexicans stole your tax money to buy perfectly good houses they couldn't afford and the[n] wreck them.
Both of these explanations of this economic crisis have reminded me of something...somebody I know of who got a brand new gig and went on a massive spending spree only to leave nothing but wreckage behind him as he was on his way out...who could it be...? Oh yeah:
National Debt Exceeds $10 Trillion
I don't know how ordinary, or black, or Mexican he is. But he does try hard:

Black (well, African anyway):

Mexican (well, Hispanic, at least):

Good thing we've provided him with housing for the last 8 years, because otherwise, he'd just be part of the problem.

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