Been Schooled by McCain

The economy goes crazy:

And at the opening of trading, Wall Street had seemed in a free-fall. The Dow Jones industrial average fell almost 700 points or about 8 percent in the first 10 minutes, dipping briefly below 8,000. The broader Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index, declined almost 8 percent.
So does John McCain:
Instead of acknowledging the real differences that exist in this election, Barack Obama is using America’s economic crisis to deflect legitimate criticisms of himself and his record...[emphasis added]
It's true. And we, the American people, should be ashamed of ourselves for being more concerned about our collective economic present and future, our ability to keep our homes and feed our children/cats, and our country's long-term competitiveness in the world than we are about this.

Consider me schooled, McCain.

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