Another Elitist Issue: What to do with your money?

Over the last several weeks of economic turmoil, MFP have been toying with the question of what to do with our modest savings. Personally, I think he's darn close to taking up some of the floorboards in our house and burying a tiny treasure chest. Nonetheless, even though we're youngsters, that strategy won't help us with our retirement savings. Sadly, we have found no realistic solutions to our problem.

So, maybe we should just close our eyes to the issue like McCain does. Take the conservative strategy of ignoring problems and hope they go away. Sure, it didn't work for Bush when he ignored a PDB saying Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the US. Or when he ignored the anticipation that the levies would be breached in New Orleans. Or when he ignored the concerns that we would be bogged down in a civil war in Iraq. Or even when he blithely dismissed early warning signs about the flagging economy.

But might work for us!
Honestly, every time I hear McCain talk about how he's going to "shake up Washington" without taking a single new approach to any issue, I think of this Arrested Development scene.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I love that scene. Someofnothing rocks!

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