Matt Damon Would Have Been a Better VP Choice than Sarah Palin

H/T John Cole:

Honestly, the biggest problem I have with a Palin presidency isn't necessarily that she's a "hockey mom" (whatever that is). I'm actually not a big fan of dynastic presidencies and career politicians, which is one of the reasons I preferred Obama to Clinton in the primaries. But what does bother me a lot is that, not only did she make her entrance onto the national stage with a series of lies and smug insults to the notion of community service, but she has, even now, offered up hardly any positions on any meaningful national issues for the record. If she were ready to assume the vice presidency, she wouldn't be guarded from answering questions right now. If she were ready to assume the vice presidency, she wouldn't have been embroiled in an abuse of power scandal within her scant 18 months of her Alaska governorship. If she were ready to assume the vice presidency, she wouldn't have been introduced to the country as a "hockey mom" even if she were one. We don't need a mom. We need a vice president.

Also, FWIW, if Obama had been introduced to me as my "token mixed-race friend", I wouldn't have been particularly interested in him as a candidate either.

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NB said...

Matt Damon's closing line: "We can't have that."

Cearly, McCain succeeded in his choice of VP if "annoy liberals" is the yardstick against which such choices are measured.

Your commentary was excellent, but I'm reluctant to accept that Republicans won't see a similar but reversed group of arguments: with Obama being the race bait, while Biden betrays Obama's message of change by being a longtime political insider; McCain is actually a political maverick and Palin is a great choice because of her values.

slag said...

NB: You are correct that Republicans have succeeded in both annoying liberals and blurring the superficial distinctions between Republicans and Democrats. But it's based only on superficiality that Republicans could make a reverse group of arguments against Obama.

Being an Obama skeptic from the beginning, I've seen him work both smart and hard to defeat the Clinton machine and drive a movement to get new voters into the process. Obama started out playing small venues and town halls and worked his way up. Kind of Bob Dylan-esque. Palin, on the other hand, was selected and is currently in the process of being manufactured by the Republican Party. Kind of NSync-esque. Both are great performers--superficially. But one has proven himself over and over during a long 19-month show. And the other has blown her whole wad on some swank rockstar clothes and a funky new -do.

That's a big difference.

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