This Ad Made Me Donate to Barack Obama

John Cole is right--this ad is a gamble because it's long and fact-based. And because it's fact-based and not stupid-based, it will probably not get a lot of free air time from networks. Nonetheless, it's exactly the kind of gamble I like to see. It's not a "Hey--we're losing so let's pick some incurious, power-abusing theocrat to be one heartbeat away from the presidency in order to improve our poll numbers" kind of risk. It's a "Let's play on our strengths and win this thing so we can go about the business of governing this country" kind of risk. A responsible gamble, if you will.

It worked for me.

FYI-Jury duty for me today. Never done it before. We'll see what happens...

UPDATE: Ezra Klein has a different take on the ad and compares it to an old Bill Clinton ad. One big reason Obama's ad works for me is that it doesn't feel overtly political, while Clinton's ad does. At this point in time, I think that's key.

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