Rachel Maddow Pleads. Will Democrats Respond?

Rachel Maddow is pleading for Democrats to listen to Hillary Clinton when she says that she's going to take this Democratic primary race to the convention. John and Joe of Americablog envision the same scenario. Rachel sees this whole Michigan and Florida adventure as just a delay tactic and that once the rules and bylaws committee meets at the end of the month to discuss it, their decision-making process will probably continue until the Democratic convention. And if that happens, Democrats will lose. I agree with her. Obama needs to get like 90 Superdelegates before May 31st, so will Democrats finally step up and deal with this problem?

Wishes have worked in the past. Pretty please?

UPDATE: How do you criticize Clinton's "tenacity" without using sexist psycho ex-girlfriend metaphors? John Cole has the answer:

This race now is no longer a race, but a hostage crisis. Hillary is surrounded, and she can see the super-delegates through the windows of the bank lobby and she knows they are armed to the teeth, wearing their kevlar vests, weapons sighted, aimed, and with the safeties off. In her heart of hearts she knows it is over, but still she keeps the pistol cocked at the head of the party. Maybe, just maybe, something will happen and she can make it to the fueled plane she demanded be taken to the airport and then she can go away to her big payday. She has come this far, she can’t quit now. Miracles happen.

But it won’t happen. It never does. Not even in the movies, at least not the good ones.
There. That wasn't so hard; was it? It's Stockholm syndrome on steroids.

UPDATE 2: Keith's not kidding (h/t BryAnn):

Or click here (if embed doesn't work)

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WNG said...

can't see the video

slag said...

wng: Quoi? I can watch it in both my Firefox and Safari browsers (Mac, of course). I'd check in IE but I don't have a PC. Are you seeing anything there at all? Weird!

WNG said...

not seeing anything but blank space... which sucks

someone is a video tease...

slag said...

How annoying! Sorry. I re-embedded and linked right underneath just in case. I'm worried it's going to be a big letdown now after all this suspense.

WNG said...

keith is NEVER a letdown
hilarious - thank you
the woman is weriously insane, btw

Gye Greene said...

Mebbe it's one of those "no Flash plugins at work" situations?


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