Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons, Orange Stars...

The effort to re-brand McCain's Republican Party continues. It appears that McCain is dissatisfied with Huckabee's Frosted Flake suggestion and is trying to sell himself as Magically Delicious instead:

McCain promising a stabilized Middle East by 2013 is all fine and good, but if he's going to be granting wishes like this, he really should focus on something important. I, for one, will only vote McCain for president if he promises to get me an all-carb diet that promotes weight loss. That, and I want him to make our economy and education system bad enough to turn me into a poor uneducated white person so that my vote for Barack Obama will finally count for something.

I'm pretty sure only one of those wishes will be granted during a McCain presidency, but hey, a girl can dream.

What's your McCain first-term wish?

PS My apologies to the Irish for America's distasteful breakfast cereal marketing ploys. And apologies to America for McCain's distasteful presidential marketing ploys.

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Nothing New byslag at 10:16 PM

2 dispense karmic justice! (or just comment here):

WNG said...

It would be funny, slag, if it didn't turn my stomach quite so much.

slag said...

Sorry, wng. It's probably a bit too early to make fun of both McCain and breakfast cereals at the same time.

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