My First Love Returns

Edwards endorses Obama. I had written a big long post about this, but really, why bother? Here's the good stuff:

Timing couldn't be better. One might say that there are actual professionals running the Obama campaign. Too bad his superior vote-getting abilities and better strategic decisions still make him less electable than Hillary Clinton. And too bad the Iraq War is a winning issue for John McCain. And too bad the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie and the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine.

That's amore.

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Nothing New byslag at 3:22 PM

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WNG said...

OK, please explain how the timing couldn't be better? The primary is all over but the shoutin' and now he endorses? I love Edwards, LOVE HIM, but I've been waiting for this endorsement ever since he dropped out. It's been a long time.

slag said...

wng: It totally sucked the air out of Hillary's post-WV press junket. No one's talking about her today. Everyone's talking about him today. Smart.

However, I have been tempted to think that Obama's failure to get Edwards' endorsement sooner was a flaw in him--not in his campaign. Obama wasn't as respectful to Edwards after he dropped out as he should have been (he told Edwards' jokes, to which I didn't take kindly, and I'm sure Edwards didn't either). But the way Obama's campaign got him in the end was brilliant because it shifted the narrative momentum back to Obama before he even really lost it to Clinton's WV victory lap.

And I think the fact that Edwards waited until now actually worked in both their favors. This election is over. Now Edwards can play the role of party unifier. This makes me happy because it means that Edwards is more likely to have a larger role in Obama's campaign/presidency.

WNG said...

OK that makes sense. I'm just wondering if the positions were reversed would he have endorsed Hillary - and the reason I'm thinking that is that it took him so long.
I think he'd make a great Attorney General. I'd trust him to help clean up the mess in DC and I think he could get a lot more done as AG than as VP. Your thoughts?

slag said...

WNG: Honestly, I think the only reason he didn't endorse Hillary just after he dropped out was that her old-school politics and funding mechanisms aren't where it's at. And he knew it. I'm sure Hillary did quite a lot of work to woo him (much more than Obama did). But she couldn't bring him around because her core strategy was what it was.

I think Edwards would have endorsed Clinton eventually if she had won because that's what good Democrats do. Edwards' endorsement is as much about the fact that this campaign is over as it is about Obama.

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