Dear Neocons: Really, is this the best you can do?

With Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove generously taking much valued time away from their families to offer advice to our Democratic candidates, I thought it would be nice for someone to return the favor. So, I have some advice for neocons everywhere:

Dear Neocons,

Give up on the character assassination.

Now, I know character assassination is all neocons have ever run on, so this advice is probably going to be as influential as Rove's and Gingrich's was. But with all the guilt-by-association Obama is a Christo-Muslim-Atheist-Marxo-Fascist memes floating around, I thought it would be nice to make everyone aware now that it's just a waste of time. Yes, we know Michelle Obama is a strong black woman, and those are three words neocons hate to see (especially in a row), but really, the rest of us are cool with her. And we know that Hamas' faux "endorsement" of Obama should make us all cower under our beds, but honestly, being scared witless is one thing that neocons actually do better than everyone else. And yes, we know that Obama has made friends with some real weirdos--that wacky Tom Coburn, and endorsers Lincoln Chafee and Chuck Hagel, to name a few--but we don't hold that against him. Variety of perspective is good for us; neocons should give it a try. Finally, while lapel pin-clad bloggers have had tremendous influence over the establishment press for quite a while--even from their fetal blogging positions--neocons should now realize it's time for that to change as well. After the last seven years of sheer travesty, actual issues are back in vogue and are here to stay.

So, really, is this the best you can do? Character assassination is soooooo 1990s.

Roughly 70% of America

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WNG said...

I don't know if it's 70%, but it's definitely me!

slag said...

wng: Me too! The 70% is based on GW's disapproval rating.

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