Slag and Former DNC Chair Separated at Birth?

Not likely. The dude is almost old enough to be my dad. But still, he sure speaks my language:

I ask Hoosiers to come together and vote for Barack Obama to be our next President. In an accident of timing, Indiana has been given the opportunity to truly make a difference. Hoosiers should grab that power and do what in their heart they know is right. They should reject the old negative politics and vote for true change. Don't settle for the tried and true and the simplistic slogans, but listen to your heart and dare to be inspired. Only a cynic would be critical of Barack Obama inspiring millions. Only the uninformed could forget that the candidate that wins in November is always the candidate that inspires millions.


My endorsement of Senator Obama will not be welcome news to my friends and family at the Clinton campaign. If the campaign's surrogates called Governor Bill Richardson, a respected former member of President Clinton's cabinet, a "Judas" for endorsing Senator Obama, we can all imagine how they will treat somebody like me. They are the best practitioners of the old politics, so they will no doubt call me a traitor, an opportunist and a hypocrite. I will be branded as disloyal, power-hungry, but most importantly, they will use the exact words that Republicans used to attack me when I was defending President Clinton.

When they use the same attacks made on me when I was defending them, they prove the callow hypocrisy of the old politics first perfected by Republicans. I am an expert on this because these were the exact tools that I mastered as a campaign volunteer, a campaign manager, a State Party Chair and the National Chair of our Party. I learned the lessons of the tough, right-wing Republicans all too well. I can speak with authority on how to spar with everyone from Lee Atwater to Karl Rove. I understand that, while wrong and pernicious, shallow victory can be achieved through division by semantics and obfuscation. Like many, I succumbed to the addiction of old politics because they are so easy.

Innuendo is easy. The truth is hard.

Sound bites are easy. Solutions are hard.

Spin is simple and easy. Struggling with facts is complicated and hard.

I have learned the hard way that you can love the candidate and hate the campaign. My stomach churns when I think how my old friends in the Clinton campaign will just pick up the old silly Republican play book and call in the same old artificial attacks and bombardments we have all heard before.


We must reject the notion that we have to beat the Republicans at their own game -- or even that the game has to be played at all. It is so easy for all of us involved -- candidates, campaigns and the media -- to focus on the process and the horse race that we forget why we got into it in the first place. Barack Obama has had the courage to talk about real issues, real problems and real people. Let's pause for a second in the midst of the cacophony of the campaign circus and listen.
There's some amount of awesomeness in the fact that people who know nothing at all about each other--and who come from totally different regions, backgrounds, genders, and generations--can have many of the exact same thoughts and feelings. It's probable that we've been brainwashed by the same subliminal messages. Or, more generally, are being moved by the same cultural currents. But nonetheless, it's kind of cool. So, to my new brother, Joseph J. Andrew from Indiana, I say: ditto!

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WNG said...

It's more like we've all been f*ed over by the same 8 years of Pres Shrub, but your way of saying it was much more polite :)

slag said...

wng: Very True. And yet, we do all process that f'ing over very differently. A lot of Hillary's supporters have a very different view of the way things should be than I have (and this guy used to be a Hillary supporter). So, the fact that we are experiencing the same moment in time is indisputable. But the ways in which we're experiencing it are also undeniably different. It just sometimes surprises me that, despite our differences, the ways in which we experience certain events can have striking similarities.

Gye Greene said...


Good stuff! But, where (how?) do you come up with all this? (i.e. source it)


P.S. "xvocsane" -- not sure about the first part, but like the "sane"

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