A New Symbolic Issue for ABC to Ask Obama About

Something tells me that neocons may be pushing the boundaries of even George Stephanopoulos' puerility by trying to take down Lawrence Lessig, Google, net neutrality, and Barack Obama all in one, what David Brooks would call, "symbolic issue":

Barack Obama's campaign has regularly cited Lessig as a key supporter on technology issues (see here too) and made sure Lessig was quoted when listing Obama's technology endorsers.

Obama's campaign has also used Lessig to reach out to journalists writing about Obama's tech positions.

It's no secret that the Obama campaign does not want to be tied too directly to Lessig. In addition to happily showing off blasphemous images of Christ, Lessig is also known as a digital communist (read the linked article for the substance of why he's called that) Lessig believes there should be no such thing as intellectual property rights -- patents and copyrights should be tossed. Lessig's anti-property theories give businesses and a lot of regular folks the heebie-jeebies. After all, if the government can strip you of your intellectual property, why can't it take away your real property?
Yes, "it's no secret" that Obama avoids Lessig like the plague. That's why Obama's campaign "has regularly cited" him as a key technology issues supporter.

What do the tea leaves tell you, neocons? Please let ABC know so that they can be sure to devote the next hour they get with the candidates to Obama's Lessig-Google-Techno-Pagan-Marxist-Fascism.


Those who really want to know what Lawrence Lessig actually talks about should check out his presentation at TED:

And listen to him on the Sam Seder Show:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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