Context Clues

This post, infuriatingly titled "Bush's Third Term," by Ana Marie Cox "bothers me":

This bothers me:
Logan: "Do you have any doubts?"

Obama: "Never."

Sure, I'm no political reporter being paid to follow the candidates around and whatnot, but seriously, why do I know that Obama couldn't have been serious about this and Cox didn't? It's impossible for me to believe anyone would have heard a word the man has said over the last year or so and not have known he didn't mean this. Don't get me wrong, Obama has said and done a lot of things that have made me ask "WTF?!?"; nonetheless, this one doesn't even pass the sniff test. Obama may be lacking in a lot of areas, but self-reflection isn't one of them. Not only that, he's clearly the type of person who doesn't enjoy having his intelligence insulted, so instead of saying, "Of course I have doubts; I'm not a complete moron," he's more likely to respond sarcastically. And if Ana Marie were so bothered by this remark, why didn't she just click on the little teevee player (handily available right next to the transcript), scroll to the end of the interview, and watch him grin--and Logan laugh--right after he said this?'s about using context clues. But then again, maybe if you pick up all your context clues from John McCain's campaign statements, you're more prone to making these silly errors in judgment.

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