Other People's Genius: Pure Geek Frivolity Edition

While the Democrats compete to see who can make McCain president the fastest, and the major US news outlets virtually ignore the recent US air strike on Somalia, and the government continues to turn this country into a stranger-than-fiction police state, Some of Nothing focuses on what's really important today. Sating your inner geek. So, without further ado:

* Gye Greene plays with his new web cam and puts stuff on his head: "Help us, Obi Wan [Kenobi]. You're our only hope."

* Shakesville asks "What the Frak is Going On?" and points us to this video catching us up on the last three seasons of BSG within a few hilarious minutes:

He's ready to pack it in when a phone with a cord rings.

* Wil Wheaton shows us a would-be Saul Bass remix of the opening credits from Star Wars:

Staring Alec Guiness

* xkcd, as usual, brings it home:
Ultimate Game
For a special geek bonus, take a look at xkcd's recently upgraded ball pit.

Happy other people's genius Friday!

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Gye Greene said...

Thankee for the link. More fame for me!!! :)


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